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        VISTAinnova has operated as a pioneer and innovator for over 25 years providing 

                                                                                     S.E. Asia, Mexico and the USA.

Business Services 

                                   and Capital Services in China,

VISTAinnova clients include small and medium (SME) private enterprises and public stock listed “micro-cap” and “small cap” enterprises traded on the OTC and NASDAQ exchanges.


In the Venture Division specialized services address start-up ventures, real estate development and investment, infrastructure, industrial and commercial major project development. Additional divisions provide support services and funding for economic development and cause related activities.



Services are provided to entrepreneurs and their private small and medium sized enterprises and public listed “Micro-Cap” and “Small Cap” enterprises. Concentration is directed in support of international expansion, high growth and major increase to enterprise or stock value.


Attention is directed to high demand, high growth and mostly high profit margin situations including: financial services, mobile apps, education services, consumer goods and services, agriculture, environmental products and services, alternative energy, traditional energy and large scale infrastructure.


VISTAinnova also addresses contribution to economic development and social needs through its Economic Development Services and Cause Services divisions.



Identifying opportunities, providing business, capital services, funding and other vital and strategic resources to projects, start-ups and early stage privately or publicly held enterprises. VISTAinnova VENTURES takes an equity position in the projects and enterprises with which it works.


VISTAinnova Labs is a center for business idea creation to be matched with technology, software, innovation, corporate governance, corporate best practices, incubation and acceleration


VISTAinnova Global Property is a real estate development, investment and advisory services group addressing the U.S. and Mexico markets, operating in co-venture with China based developers and investors and others


VISTAinnova Infrastructure, Industrial & Commercial Ventures has been formed to build, acquire, expand, fund and co-venture Infrastructure projects and private enterprise projects in the Industrial & Commercial sectors of Mexico. VISTAinnova is advancing these activities with China based partner operators and investors and others.



Services are provided in support of government and related economic development & tourism agencies, and other organizations including private sector programs with chambers of commerce, institutes, foundations, NGO’s and businesses.



VISTAinnova provides services to social causes serving individuals, families and communities, incorporating entrepreneurial and business best practices to establish compassionate, self-sustaining solutions.

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