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CAUSA - Cause Services


        VISTAinnova provides services to strengthen, expand and launch causes (causas)

        and social enterprises , serving individuals, families and communities with                             entrepreneurial and business best practices to establish sustainable solutions


The VISTAinnova team members, including advisors have a demonstrated – passion for addressing the challenges – needs – causes of U.S. and global disadvantaged populations. VISTAinnova advocates compassion in the process of innovation, connectivity and transformation.


Support Social Enterprises and Causes with Entrepreneurial and Business Best Practices and Compassion 

Research                             Infrastructure                                       Multiple bottom line

Strategy                               Technology                                           Non-profit (re-invest profit)

Access to capital                Alignment with other causes             In Service To The Community

Best practices                    Social Entrepreneurship                     International resource network

Marketing                           Social Venture Capital

Working with Causes – Social Enterprises to Build a Better World

We believe that these times present a historic opportunity through innovation, technology, social connectivity and social entrepreneurship to make many vital services – financial services – health care – nutrition - water, and education – personal growth accessible for the first time to billions of people in the developing world.


VISTAinnova – “Cause Services”

Are delivered with compassion with the aim to enhance the ability of cause driven organizations to achieve improvement and growth in their delivery of services as they address important challenges and opportunities for individuals, families and communities locally and globally. Specialized services are provided for advancing causes and social entrepreneurship in U.S. Hispanic Markets, Mexico and Latin America as well as in China and S.E. Asia.


Encouraging Cause Commitment of Corporations

VISTAinnova CAUSE Services division encourages and guides client corporations to describe and support their “Multiple Bottom Line” policy. Corporations are encouraged to deliver profit and value to their shareholders and to support multiple social and environmental benefits for their social “stakeholders”, the people in the communities in which they operate. The corporations are encouraged to advocate and provide education and training for individuals, couples and micro, small and medium sized business owners to advance themselves and leverage their advancement for projects including improved personal financial management, health care, nutrition, clean water, education, personal growth and housing in communities and countries in which they operate.


CAUSA Commitment of VISTAinnova Executives and Employees

VISTAinnova principals and associates are committed to donate a portion of their personal time and other resources in order to help accelerate the infusion of innovation, efficiency and technology into local and global causes including social enterprises. These causes include human development, community development, economic development, social enterprises and faith based projects. Utilizing social entrepreneurship and other approaches VISTAinnova promotes sustainable solutions to alleviation of poverty – increased opportunity and transformation for improvement in people’s lives. VISTAinnova helps to close the gap between developed and emerging economy populations in access to micro-financial services – training – education – employment – health care, clean water and housing. VISTAinnova supports increased access to computers and smart phones and decreased cost, lowest cost of Internet access, including free internet access locations as a community service.

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