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        VISTAinnova Ventures Provides Services and Invests to Acquire Equity Interests 


VISTAinnova Ventures functions as an equity participant in client controlled companies, in co-ventures and partnerships and in VISTAinnova controlled companies. VISTAinnova Ventures has several divisions and additionally is in development of several sector funds.


Equity value increase is being created through origination, acquisition and expansion activities of VISTAinnova Labs, VISTAinnova Global Property and VISTAinnova Infrastructure, Industrial & Commercial Ventures



VISTAinnova Labs 

VISTAinnova Labs is a center where business idea creation is matched with technology, software, innovation, entrepreneurship, incubation and acceleration support. The Labs are operating according to an initial five-year plan that emphasizes technology, innovation and mobile apps applied to B2B and B2C opportunities. It is projected that initial company launch successes will produce cash flow, profits and stock value to fund a series of already partially developed enterprises. In addition to technology, innovation and management strengths the VISTAinnova Labs projects are supported by an organization already operating successfully in the global markets functioning in English, Mandarin and Spanish. 





Start-up Funding




Expansion Funding

VISTAinnova Global Property

VISTAinnova Global Property company identifies and pursues projects and capital in China - S.E. Asia – USA & Mexico. VISTAinnova is designed and managed to perform as an emerging branded leader for international real estate investing, development, fund sponsorship, real estate related advisory services and technology development and delivery for the real estate industry.


This group primarily addresses China based real estate investment and development groups and China based individual investors seeking to achieve desirable diversification, balance and target return in their portfolios. This is achieved with international - geographic diversification, services diversification, investment, development, advisory and technology and with category diversification, commercial, industrial, retail, residential and hotel - resort and master planned, mixed use developments.


VISTAinnova Global Property company also is identifying and evaluating real estate related activities in the China domestic market. 

Real State Development                 

Real Estate Investment                        

Real Estate Advisory Services

Fund For Real Estate Investment & Development


Fund For Real Estate Technology Research & Development

VISTAinnova Infrastructure, Industrial & Commercial Ventures

VISTAinnova Infrastructure, Industrial & Commercial Ventures has been formed to address major projects in Mexico and throughout the Americas in co-venture with China based partners. Select China based government agencies, SOE’s and private enterprises are on a global search for major infrastructure investment, development and construction projects that are consistent either with supplying China or as a long term market development opportunity. Projects in this category include energy, alternative energy, water treatment, shipping, seaports, airports, trains and train stations. Additional project categories include large scale master planned industrial & commercial developments, industrial parks and mixed use real estate developments


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